The Health Benefits Of Smoothies

Smoothies / Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

Green Smoothies not only offer unique health benefits but they also can come in a range of unique colors.  Rich with the anti-oxidants and vitamins from the leafy greens that they are made from, green smoothies are a fantastic way to have a wonderful and tasty drink that offers maximum nutrition while killing those hunger pangs.

These lush and juicy greens are easily turned into one of these delicious health giving drinks using juicers or blenders that can be used for a load of different snacks and refreshments.

Are Green Smoothies Bad For You?

Despite what you may have read elsewhere if you stop a moment and think about it, if the greens are fresh and well washed how could they possibly be unhealthy for you.  In fact, the opposite is definitely true.

If you are making a smoothie, green or otherwise, it will naturally be filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants, everything good that fruits and vegetables are known for.

Try Different Vegetables To Get A Mix

It makes sense to rotate around the vegetable and fruit greens to get a mix and a variety of vitamins.  Fruits and vegetables are loaded with a wide-ranging group of compounds, with some having higher amounts of natural sugars and others having higher vitamin properties.  By mixing your daily smoothie around you are getting a much have spread of goodness which is bound to reflect in your health

Nutritional Values

I can’t give you the exact counts due to the different type and size of greens, the soil that they were grown in and a range of other factors, but I can assure you that they are extraordinarily good for you.

If you look at nature as a whole, it just makes sense that if it has come from the ground then it has to be much better than if it was manufactured.  Greens are documented as having properties that assist with aging and assisting break down the oxidants that our bodies gain from other foods.

5 Great Reasons you should also be drinking Smoothies.

  1. As long as you keep all of the ingredients natural, then everything you blend and drink will be natural too assisting you with cellular regeneration and assisting with de-aging
  2. Due to the greens being liquified, the contents when consumed are already broken down and can enter your system much faster allowing an energy boost earlier than if you had eaten solids
  3. Because the liquids are absorbed quickly and generate energy more quickly the body understands that you no longer require additional calories and you will feel fuller.
  4. While being absolutely great for you they are also great for the pocket.  You may be using some green tops in your mixes that are readily available at low prices.  You can also reduce scrap throwaways by consuming more of your food purchases.
  5. The making process of green smoothies is quick and easy.  This means more time to enjoy your juice any time you like due to the low prep time.  Clean-up is also a breeze because the blender that you use is easily cleaned and the cup rinsed.  This means that from prep to clean up only a few minutes go by.

There is no reason to not be drinking smoothies due to the health benefits, the low cost in ingredients and the super-fast time it takes from beginning the process of picking out the mix to rinsing, blending and cleaning up.

Start you road to a healthier you today with some simple snacks that will fill you up and transform you health. Introduce your family today and see how your energy levels get a boost.