1. Carie G. Snow

    There’s no way for losing fat safely without having workout correctly and
    control the eating plan. Pills and drugs include harmful side effects.

  2. Clorenda Morris

    Awesome smoothie recipes, I’m currently on a weight loss/ lifestyle change,
    and I have been drinking smoothies almost everyday. At least twice a day…
    I’m seeing awesome results, and with clean eating these recipes will come
    in handy. Thanks a bunch. 

  3. P Pat

    Honestly if you want to loose weight, eat a lower carb/higher fat diet and
    don’t eat any wheat. Also stay away from junk food obviously and drink
    mainly water, tea and coffee, and do not drink milk. Also avoid eating or
    drinking anything with corn syrup in it. I’m currently going to school
    majoring in exercise science and I’ve lost about 90 lbs following this
    basic guideline these past two years. I could go into more detail but this
    is basically all you need to do besides exercising regularly. Just a 1 hour
    walk each morning on an empty stomach can really help. I may be forgetting
    something but I hope this may help.

  4. Juliya Kruglaka

    I just tried the first one. I highly suggest using a tablespoon or so of
    honey to sweeten it up a bit, otherwise it’ll be a bit sour because of the
    Greek yogurt. My dad was the first one to try it and he told me that it has
    to be sweeter, otherwise it’s not that great. So yeah, tablespoon of honey.

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