1. Wendy Prins

    Faster blade speed causes oxidation. That’s probably way the omni blended
    apple was darker. Oxidation affects quality i.e. less is better. Thaks for
    a great video.

  2. NatyPsy1991

    i think it’s the oxidation… somehow irt seems that vitamix just seems to
    prevent it! u could try putting some lemon juice inside before and see if
    it stays more green…. i’m still not sure if I should get and omniblend or

  3. Darcey DeRosa

    It’s ironic that my 2 speed Vitamix will not blend as fine and smooth as
    yours did. Please let me know what you did because I am not impressed with
    my Vitamix. 

  4. I-Love-Music

    Sweety,what time what time…, is the Program of each Blender…?
    Thats the Point…, different times, different Results…" Suppose
    Womanfolk dont understand that…(?

  5. Julianna HM

    Thanks for taking the time to make this. I was researching blenders today
    because I just cannot justify the cost of a Vitamix. I had wondered if the
    greens would be chunky and you answered my question. More fiber and smooth
    is fine, just the chunks I can’t tolerate! So the Omni might be in my
    future. Editing skills or not, the information was very useful.

  6. I Love Jah

    Thankyou for taking the time to test both machines especially with the
    Strainer. Your inexpensive cocao from Nice
    ragua…Can you share your source?

  7. Angela Angell

    I’m wondering if the difference is because the Omni is larger in diameter
    whereas, the VM is more narrow. The narrow pitcher would keep the food in
    closer proximity to the blades where the wider pitcher would not, therefore
    you would get a little more pulp not chopped up as much. Since the Omni has
    more horsepower you would think that it would do the job better, so I think
    it’s the size of the pitcher. I’m sure they made the Omn shorter & stockier
    to fit better under the kitchen cabinets. Shorter pitchers would be less
    likely to tip over as well.

  8. Bobsk871

    I bought the Omniblender and have been using it for over a month 2 to 3
    times a day. I have compared it to my neighbors Vitamix, and I much prefer
    the Omniblender. I almost never have to use the tamper, while my neighbor
    has to use the tamper on his vitamix constantly. My Omniblender is much
    quieter than the Vitamix, and the digital controlled speeds work every
    time.. Love it and saved $250. 

  9. MediaPlusCulture

    A really good test, the vitamix costs nearly a thousand dollars in
    Australia (even though our money is about level with US) so I’m just about
    sold on the Omni (which you can get here for around 300).

    Funny huh it’s the ‘Australia tax’

  10. mmartin0617

    Ya for sure great review. I wanted to find a leafy green vegetable review
    and she provided just that. The reason why my ninja will be collecting
    dust. It is good with smooth fruits like bananas, blueberries,
    strawberries, and such but come to carrots, apples i.e. harder fruits or
    leafy vegetables. Does not do a good job at all

  11. Niki Bonner

    Thanks sooo much for taking the time to demonstrate with such precision. I
    know it was not an easy task. My husband & I are trying to decide between
    the more expensive VitaMix or the more affordable OmniBlend. Your review
    has helped tremendously in our decision! We think the OmniBlend will work
    fine for our needs, since we are getting it more for making butters &
    such,,, We are getting a juicer for juicing 🙂 We will look for more of
    your videos in the future! -PEACE-

  12. John Texas

    Person obviously doesn’t know much about blenders. Go back, sweetie, and do
    your homework. Blenders have been around since WW II, doing great jobs.
    What newer ‘high powered’ blenders enable is for doofuses to manage to get
    results without knowing how to use the blender.

  13. neiluk78

    Thank you for taking time out to do this review. I can now make a relative
    informed decision on which one to buy.Thank s again.

  14. John Texas

    Funny how this younger generation thinks blenders are new. Back before this
    girl was born we were making smoothies. And amazing how these kids think
    they have to spend Vita Mix money for good smoothies. And yes, I’ve owned
    two VM’s.

  15. 3blenders

    you have a cute kid there on the floor. very nice video. does your daughter
    like the apple juice too? You had a little apple-power-over-dose for a
    moment there (LOL). Very nice honest demonstration. Keep in mind, the jar
    makes a difference as well.

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