1. rlshieldsok

    Blendtec mocks vitamix for their tamper (stick), but here it is useful.
    They sell another jar for a good chunk of cash, but it isn’t part of their
    design. Vitamix won! Quit whinning.

  2. TheMagnumb

    I think for comparisons sake, using the plunger doesn’t make this an even
    comparison. The stick is cheating….. :)

  3. Alexander Parrell

    Wow, this video sold me on that vitamix. There was no comparison between
    those two butters. Thanks.

  4. Chukylulo

    If you would have put in the oil and the almonds at the same time maybe it
    would of worked on the blendtec. What do you think?
    I have a vitamix and I love it

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