1. Try To Cook This

    That’s pretty quiet for three HORSEPOWER right in front of your face. When
    I get the lotto numbers, this will be my third purchase, right after the
    home and vehicle. 😀 – thanks for the video.

  2. BigTray - Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

    While VitaMix makes a wide variety of products for home and commercial use,
    this particular model is marked by the factory for commercial use only.

  3. BigTray - Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

    Please note, this unit is designed for commercial operation. Figure a
    smoothie bar selling 20 smoothies a day for $3 each. Let’s say 33% profit,
    that’s $20 a day – which pays back the $1,500 in 2.5 months!

  4. Michael Marr

    For $1,500 I could buy a $3 smoothie per day for a year and a half. And I
    wouldn’t have to shop for and purchase veggies nor clean up afterwards.

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