1. Larry Richelli

    Amy Goodman from Democracy Now did a in depth article article on BPA.

    the Eastman product, called Tritan, which is the product that vitamix uses
    in their containers, is actually one of the primary focuses of the
    investigation. A number of independent scientists have tested this product
    and found that it is actually more estrogenic than polycarbonate, which is
    the plastic that contains BPA. And Eastman Chemical, according to internal
    documents which were released as part of a lawsuit, has taken pains to
    suppress the evidence showing that its products—or that this product, in
    particular, is in fact estrogenic.

  2. Steve Morley

    The first thing I would notice about the blender is that it costs 600
    bucks!!!! It’s a blender! I do everything this guy did with a 40 dollar
    blender I got from Sears. I’ve used it for years! I make shakes at least 3
    times a week too! Waste of money people.

  3. imbonnie

    I’ve had my Vitamix over 17 years — great machine, love it. I used the
    warranty during first 7 years because I broke something on it by freezing
    the contents then trying to blend it again..dumb on my part but Vitamix
    fixed it. Great warranty.

  4. Matthew Spencer

    Can it blend carrots? It’s one of the best blenders in the market. Of
    course it can blend carrots. The only thing I can think of that it can’t
    blend is bricks!

  5. ETinvernon

    Hi, thought I could mention that I just bought an Oster Fusion(could be
    called something else down there), and am very happy with it. I have had
    2-3 average blenders for a long time and a Good juicer. I lost interest in
    juicer long time ago as most have(a real pain cleaning etc). I stidied hard
    and decided to buy this unit and – wow/whacks even raspberry seeds at 40
    secs. Has six blads and even reverse action when one gets stuch whiring
    away and more. For the price – do check out

  6. hanounours

    Great review! What do you think of the semak 1500? Looks great but I think
    it’s only a year garanted. I want to make nut butters I wonder which
    blender is the best.. Thansk.

  7. 37mrpaul

    This video is the best I’ve watched here ON YouTube I bought the VITAMIX
    TNC = total nutrition centre I think in the USA is the 5200

  8. healthyblender

    @ZamfirChannel Heh… thanks. Still getting used hearing myself. I’ve spent
    a lot more years behind a camera than in front of it.

  9. healthyblender

    @DeLoreanPromo Sure. You can use this one for free shipping 06-006777 and
    don’t forget to claim your bonus on my site.

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