1. Christopher Silverton-Thong

    I was interested in purchasing the Professional Series 750 but there have
    been a recall on the containers of the Professional Series 300, the
    Professional Series 750 and the Vitamix 7500 model blenders. What do you

  2. ureviews

    I think the 5200 is the best. Not only is it good value compared to the
    rest of the line but it works just as well if not better. Check out my
    other video comparing the 5200 to the 6300.

  3. Tacos mananeros

    all fruit seeds have cyanide but in tiny amounts very hard to die from the
    seeds I like when he does car reviews, & bashes how sucky they are.
    instead of water I like coconut milk ,or soy milk or almond milk, silk

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