1. David Bruce

    He kept saying he was going to add "a little bit of olive oil" as he was
    pouring in a ton. Then he added "a little bit more" as he poured on a
    couple more tablespoons worth. Maybe that’s why he’s a portly fellow? That
    much oil is gonna clog your arteries after a few years. There are a ton of
    videos online here where people are showing that olive oil isn’t "heart
    healthy" like we’ve been told. (

    And what’s with the super small amount? He poured about 8 oz of soup in the
    bowl! As a vegan, I’d eat about a pound to a pound and a half of the soup,
    and still be leaner than this guy! Great machine, tho… 

  2. jwstandup

    You don’t need to use the tamper for this type of recipe, the blender is
    powerful enough. the tamper is for smoothies and nut butters or vegetables.
    I will make the soup, thanks!

  3. kph

    For users, I measured out the ingredients while I made this. It deviates
    from the video a little. 4 cups tomato, 400* oven, 20 min with olive oil
    salt pepper 3 cloves garlic 1/2 cup bacon and onion, sautéed 2 cups bread
    cubes blend 1/4 cup chicken stock salt pepper crank the vitamix splash of
    olive oil while it’s blending This came out to two big, tasty servings. The
    raw garlic gave it a spicy bite that I didn’t find entirely pleasant. Next
    time I’ll probably roast the garlic.

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