1. johnny.w

    Bad-mouthing, so to speak, eating certain seeds, gets you ostracized around
    here, but for anyone open-minded about their health, there’s an article on
    a bout dot com about ingesting apple seeds or cherry, etc .Amygdalin,
    according to the article is converted to hydrogen cynanide in the body..
    Avocado pits are gnerally safe for humans, but toxic to certain animals,
    according to various Google search-hits.

  2. icke11234

    Disinfo. People, inform yourself and don’t believe these shills – amygdalin
    is NOT equivalent to the toxic cyanide. I’ll repeat: Amygdalin is
    completely harmless, I’ve personally eaten several handfuls of bitter
    almond kernels full of amygdalin per day for about a week in a row just to
    test this stuff on myself. Absolutely no discomfort or adverse effects

  3. Josef Roesler

    Yeah, that’s not true. You can’t eat enough apple seeds in your smoothies
    to hurt yourself. Proof positive that a little knowledge is a dangerous

  4. metaspherz

    What’s an ‘allot’ of fiber? Just curious. A lot of people might want to
    know without having to allot themselves the time to search a dictionary. Or
    maybe it was a typo? 🙂 Blending whole fruits and/or vegetables is usually
    a good idea, but large-scale consumption of blended apple seeds is not as
    they contain amygdalin, a molecule which produces cyanide once ingested. If
    the goal is to get healthier by drinking blended whole foods then consuming
    apple seeds in any quantity is hardly beneficial.

  5. Saras Gabbery

    I have a Vitamix, and a Blendtec, both purchased from Costco. Personally, I
    think the Vitamix blends better than the Blendtec–better, as in, smoother!
    That being stated, the Blendtec container is a hellavah lot easier to clean
    out pates.

  6. Ingo Loge'

    Josh, just trying to keep it light, fun and real.. you know how people are
    these days with those buzz words LOL. thanks for sharing, much appreciated

  7. Ingo Loge'

    Great suggestion to freeze them, thank you for sharing that with my You
    Tube friends Cathy. Also, I so appreciate the comments you left. Continue
    to be the wonderful teacher and example you are to those around you. *Ingo
    🙂 aka the Spinachman

  8. Cathy Green

    Hi Gr8 to see the avo pit being included in the smoothie! I have been
    adding them for a number of years. I find sometimes it will add a ‘smokey’
    flavour to the smoothie. Any pits from avos from making guacamole etc., I
    freeze them. Since I have now discovered that avocados are mucus forming, I
    will just have to buy the avocados for the pit..only! Thax for the vid!

  9. lavenderbudtree

    hi Ingo, I just bought the Vitamix 6300 series today… its the best
    investment anyone can make!! I’m so psyched 🙂

  10. Ingo Loge'

    I would think that at least 2 a week should be good. See the page links
    above in my box, just click on "Show More"

  11. Ingo Loge'

    I will have to do the stem another time…. I just did one take on this
    one.. and probably forgot! It was live after all.. Hey thanks for the
    comment by the way and I would love to get you a 6300 please email me
    through my site at wwwdotspinachmandotcom under the contact link and I will
    get you one for $379 and some other goodies

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