1. Gary Law

    Thanks, I really enjoyed your test. I am looking at the Waring this
    week-end. The model I am looking at is the 110 volt version and it sells
    for $275 roughly on Amazon. I was also interested in adding the stainless
    option to it because I don’t like plastic because of toxins and they don’t
    hold up as well. I also don’t know how dependable Warling is in the long
    run. Thanks

  2. wjohnatty

    One of the most honnest and straighforward test on high end blenders. AND
    one of the FEW to compare the Waring Xtreme Pro. The best blender for the
    money even before you consider its cheaper that the other guys. Vitamix
    guys talk alot of crap like "its an investment" meaning – Im too stupid to
    realize that im wasting money for nothing. Blenders ARE NOT STOCK OR
    Treasury bills. 

  3. Nantambu Nafasi

    No matter what the brand, those plastic jars are leaching toxins. There are
    several studies (US and European) that show that "BPA-Free" Tritan plastic
    leaches BPA and other toxic chemicals.
    You can buy the Waring Commercial CAC90 Stainless Steel Container, 64-Ounce
    that fits the vitamix and have the best of both worlds!

  4. ravvraj

    One of the best reviews on blenders I have seen. clicking like and I would
    subscribe for more
    Do you know the JTC has models with a plunger. Do you think that the JTC
    would give a smoother texture if we just blended it for a minute more?
    Would it be the best value for money buy.
    I know it has a 950 watt motor which btw they and many experts claim has
    nothing to do with power. Its the HP and RMP that counts. Well build motor
    can give 3 HP and 38000 RMP at 950 watts. This means that this uses less
    Its like an engine you can simply increase the cubic capacity of an engine
    to get more power but it will guzzle fuel. But then there is the BHP or
    torque in engines that gives it the more power at the same CC. ALso the 950
    watt motor does not overheat as much as higher wattage one

    In fact many claim that there are knock off of JTC they come with 1200 to
    1800 watts motor. Either they don’t have the technical know how or they
    want to reduce costs so they simply use a high wattage motor.
    I am getting a JTC that looks like a Blendtec for 210 dollars which
    shipping( I live in India so any of these 3 blender will cost me a bomb
    only in shipping. JTC is the only one I can import directly from China at
    this cost including Shipping) But Am not sure if I should go in for it.
    Will it get the job done or should i go in and shell out almost 550 $ plus
    for a vitamix of Blendtech) Waring is available directly in India really
    cheap but not sure which model
    See its around 200$ There are other models available but under lab equiment
    they cost more than $ 1000.
    Please give me your expert opinion based on my circumstances Would
    appreciate it thank you

  5. TheMagnumb

    Finally, someone who actually treats the plunger for what it is in these
    tests. A cheat, bit of a cheap one at that.

    Great review!

  6. Bill Tucker

    Vitamix – Current Based Technology – 10-14 years old *
    Natural Foods Institute – Olmsted Falls, Ohio (1949)

    * Still uses plunger, even though newer (labor-saving) technology has
    clearly been developed.

    Comparison Test Results
    1. The Vitamix variable speed dial starts rotating the blade at 1 rpm, so
    it was not in use.
    2. Heat is a direct byproduct of the amount of work being performed. (94
    degrees vs 104 degrees)
    3. The carrot puree was consistent and evenly smooth for the Raptor. The
    Vitamix was comparatively "chunky" and less consistent (watery).

    Although Vitamix is justifiably in the hearts of many as the Gold Standard,
    Its time for newer, better performing technologies to emerge and gain
    market share, while stimulating the Vitamix decision makers to update and
    improve they’re technology.

  7. Josh Norris

    I have personally owned a Vita Mix for 3 years (use it 1-2 times a day) and
    it still works as good as new!
    In response to others saying that the VM was not fairly tested, from what I
    see, the test was fairly done, and that Waring dominated some carrots… On
    the left side of the VM there is a "Variable/High" switch. When the switch
    is on VARIABLE the center nob is used to control the blend speed
    (1-10).However, when on HIGH, the blend speed is irrelevant, as it is now
    on HIGH and not VARIABLE.
    One thing that is not taken under consideration in this test is durability
    (along with other factors of course). Show me someone who has outlasted
    their VitaMix and I’ll show you a stern look of doubt.
    That Waring dominated some carrots, however.

  8. Tahititoutou

    @ Vitality4377
    You said “I hope to start selling the 110 volt Waring commercial units in
    the future.” May I ubderstand that you can contact Waring? As I mentioned
    earlier, your vid brought me to buy Waring Xtreme blender, and I am quite
    happy I did. However, I tried to contact Waring about a question concerning
    the blade bearing and they just don’t answer although their site claims
    they will answer us "soon". I tried three times in a month; looks like
    they couldn’t care less. How can we contact them?

  9. TheDiet God

    What does a lawsuit have to do with this test? Most major companies pay
    another in some suit or contract. I couldn’t care less if Blendtec sues VM
    or if VM sues Blendtec it doesn’t affect which one is better for consumers.
    Both make millions a year which is fine but VM is used more in commercial
    businesses which is important to know, yet you never mentioned that….humm
    I wonder why!!

  10. Chris S.

    Just bought a Waring MX1200 best blender I’ve used. Had a Ninja before, the
    performance isn’t even close. This video helped me choose over the Vitamix
    and Blendtec, not to mention I got it for $200 less than their best models.
    Thank you very much for this post!

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