1. yuppicide

    It won’t let me put links here.. I’ll send an email to the address on your
    website. I don’t see a way to message you on YouTube.

  2. antioxidantfruits

    lol – that’s funny. what is your blog? i was only looking at a $600
    treadmill – just want one i can run on…don’t care about the gadgets but i
    do not want it to fall apart for $600 too.

  3. yuppicide

    You are absolutely right. I really wanted the one with the Android, but
    really didn’t want cancer more. So, back to searching for me. BTW, sounds
    funny because I have my email open and clicked the link to reply, but I
    have like four of your videos playing at once lol.

  4. antioxidantfruits

    ha ha ha – i was looking for treadmills this weekend and was just as
    frustrated because there were so many spammy reviews.

  5. yuppicide

    Hate reading reviews.You get good and bad sometimes.Then I always second
    guess my decision.It’s like a compared a bunch of models of treadmills.
    Found one I wanted for around $2000.. has an Android powered computer built
    in to keep me busy.. so I can stream music videos or tv shows or internet..
    and you can use Google Maps to walk anywhere in the world on screen..
    anyway I’m ready to purchase and I see "this product contains chemicals
    known to the state of California to cause cancer" lol.

  6. antioxidantfruits

    oh you mean like a different model of the vitamix? i love mine – although i
    don’t think i have mastered it yet.

  7. antioxidantfruits

    So you’re saying you want a Vitamix because it makes things smooth, but you
    don’t want one because it doesn’t?

  8. yuppicide

    I love when the bean gets caught.. it’s like a sock hiding in the dryer and
    also like when a news reporter is doing a segment and something goes wrong.
    I want a Vitamix so bad.. one thing that I want, though, is smooth
    smoothies, soups and sauces. I hate little bits of stuff caught in my
    teeth. That’s the one thing that holds me back from making a purchase. I
    think I need the higher power machine.

  9. antioxidantfruits

    Yes, actually! I know – I wouldn’t have thought it originally – but it
    tastes like a bloody mary to me!

  10. antioxidantfruits

    oh the fear factor guy! i have a green smoothie on here very similar to his
    recipe – except i use an apple and not a pear.

  11. antioxidantfruits

    @macuser5555 thanks! yes, i wanted a vitamix so badly too. if it weren’t
    for my blog, i would not have been able to afford one. they are awesome.

  12. macuser5555

    Very nice Vitamix. I want one so bad. You have very good taste, I see you
    also have the Zwilling Henckels knives! 🙂

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