1. liz nel

    Thanks so much for posting this video. I’ve been trying to fix my
    nutribullet for the last couple of weeks, with your video it took me 5
    mins. I’m always careful not to overfill it so I never have leaks but if it
    sticks again I know what to do. :-)

  2. Anila Pranvoku

    Thank you so much! I had to get the screwdriver out, and chipped a bit of
    plastic, but it worked out in the end.

  3. Lori Sotnick

    I want to thank you, and let you know, that I used your video to fix my
    practically brand new 600 nutribullet. I know you said you never had a
    problem with yours, which is why I felt it was important to let you know
    that I had that exact problem with mine. Like I said, it’s practically
    brand new and there was nothing sticky in there. But your water method
    fixed it. Thank you.

  4. Henderson Reid

    true this actually worked was just goin nuts cus mynutribullet stopped
    working thanx a million its working again

  5. David Ross

    Thanks for the video! I tried just water but it wouldn’t budge. I tried a
    little 409 and it popped loose in just a few moments. I turned it upside
    down and the water drained out.

  6. Eileen Reilly

    I used an allen wrench and a hammer. I know I know! Go easy. Just tapped
    them free. Made my shake, drank some and decided to add something
    more….. STUCK again! Got out the hammer and wrench. Presto fixo.
    Planned obsolescence….. sort of like Apple os updates. "Ooops! So
    sorry. Did our software update ruin something in your phone? Hey, don’t
    worry. We’re coming out with a NEW one soon and then it’ll be all better!

  7. Martal140

    (Update). A few days after successfully releasing the activators using warm
    water, the pesky things locked-up on me again REAL good; and this time I
    was 1,000% sure that there’d been no leaks or spillage in the meantime.

    And so, moving to plan B, I tried squirting a small amount of WD40 into the
    3 activator slots, as some have suggested — though with the Bullet on
    its side so no oil ended up in the electric motor, where…. please note
    based on personal and scary experience!….. it could catch fire — and
    pushed down gently on each nylon switch in turn using a wooden chopstick
    (less likely to slip than a spoon or screwdriver) until all 3 were totally
    free again. And they’ve remained so for almost a month now.

    So it turns out that if the problem was caused by leakage/spillage you
    should use warm water, but if it’s purely mechanical you should some some
    kind of penetrating oil (WD40, Liquid Wrench, 3 in 1, etc) to lubricate the
    3 sprung-loaded switches. And sometimes, like me, you’ll need to do both!

    Thanks for staying on the case, NBT! 

  8. Barry Rodgers Reviews

    Thank you, sir! It worked for me. Mine is about a month old only used once
    a day. Glad I found this video as we had thrown out the packaging only

  9. stefrzchicago

    Thanks for your video. I am dealing with this same issue on a brand new
    Baby Bullet. Was going to return tomorrow but am going to try your tip.

  10. kmrotterdam

    Thanks. That worked for my Pro 900. The machine was not activating, & I was
    wondering what was wrong. Thanks, this worked like a charm!

  11. Arlene Hatton

    Thanks for an excellent video! I was able to fix my Nutribullet Pro 900
    with ease. I took your suggestion and used a flat-head screwdriver which
    worked perfectly.

  12. Tiffany Edwards

    Omg this totally fixed my bullet 900!!! Thanks a billion!!! I too wish they
    made more improvements like a super sized jar for making large party
    quantities or sharper blade to go along with fancy motor. Glad I kept my
    old faithful too it never gets stuck

  13. Martal140

    Thanks for this, NBT — worked like a charm!

    Though, since I didn’t like the idea of water running down into the motor
    either, I turned it over and rested the top lip on a towel as I lightly
    spritzed the tabs with warm water from our plant mister before gently
    pushing down on each one in turn with the heftiest allen wrench on my hex
    set (the spoon suggestion made no sense to me!!!).

    And, lo and behold, after a couple of go-rounds of spritzing and pushing,
    all 3 started moving freely again, so I was able to pat down the area with
    the towel and allow everything to dry out completely in its spot on the
    counter. Now ‘good as new’, just as promised!

  14. Vanitha narayan raju

    Thank you so much ..even I had the same issue.I called them, weird lady
    told me use warm water and do with spoon. I really couldn’t understand, but
    after seeing your video, I tried and it worked …Yay…. but banged my
    fingers couple of times 🙁 , happy though my Nutribullet works :)

  15. rwrwrw66

    Corrosion or rust makes them stick. Instead of warm water if you put highly
    refined vegetable oil such as canola oil, it might keep the tabs lubricated
    and protect them from corroding.

  16. Stuart

    I seems weird to me to be pouring water down there. I might use WD40; I don’t understand why the motor would catch on fire with that. And Canola Oil? Has anyone had an experience with the motor catching on fire with WD 40 or anything else? They tell you not to submerge the base in water but it’s okay to pour water in it? Am I missing something here?

  17. Valentina

    Great thanks so much ! Only had mine 2 weeks 🙁
    Using a kiddies fork pushed it down well with the water of course and yes I agree it’s not liquid I’ve hardly used It!!

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