1. Michelle Demarchi

    I watched you for the first time today and I enjoyed ur video but when I
    went to watch the second one and for six after that, the sound was 4here
    but the screen is black so I thought youde want to know. Im interested in
    watching you so hope they get fixed soon. Thank you


    I’ve been looking for a green smoothie and I thank this is it. It looks
    pretty good and simple to make. Thanks

  3. Lana Allen

    does it absolutely have to be unrefined virgin coconut oil or can it be
    just regular refined coconut oil ? Im sorry I don’t really know the
    difference and this appealed to my eye and don’t have a clue about coconut

  4. Mercy Williams

    Hello tracy, i love this. what’s the name of the coconut oil and what kind
    of green is this? is it kale or spinach? 

  5. Steven Blackburn

    One Entire Kale Stock, 4 Cups of Almond/Coconut milk by Blue Diamond, 1-2
    lbs of frozen mixed fruit(straw,blue, and black berries), 1/2 tea spoon of
    stevia, mix’er up. Consume entire contents.. liver gets a blast of goodies,
    heals itself, hormones love you, organs love you, cells love you, YOU love
    you.. now.. go to the bathroom lol..

    One cup of Kale(organic, grown in minerals properly) yields 35,000 IU of
    Vitamin A, it is the egg of the vegetable world. The most powerful
    vegetable other than the Avocado.

  6. Chessa Barron

    Now THAT’S simple enough for me to incorporate and I love my greens! Can’t
    wait to try this…God I’m loving your channel!

  7. tezimac

    Hi Tracy 🙂 im from northern ireland i would love to make this juice, but i
    don’t think i will be able to get collard greens iin northern Ireland, is
    there anything i can replace the collard greens with? Many Thanks 🙂

  8. Tracy Campoli

    Great Questions! Spinach will have a more pronounced flavor, collard greens
    are super mild. I don’t mix up the fruit much, I just love the
    greens/banana combo. Play with it and check out my video: Coconut Oil is DA
    BOMB to learn why I love coconut oil:)

  9. MadameAhlouche

    I’m curious how is spinach compared to collard greens? Do you always use
    the same fruit? And last why the cocanut oil?, for flavoring?

  10. Alison LeBrun

    Hi Tracy ! I absolutely adore your videos! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing
    your knowledge so generously! I just love your energy and how much really
    care about people feeling great in their body : ) Do you train other
    fitness trainers in your method? Thank you again : ) And have a wonderful

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