1. Yolanda O

    Thanks, going to try it. I just bought a nutri bullet and I have tried
    different recipe’s so I’m going to the store on the way home from work

  2. delancy1234

    what does it taste like tho? because, I dont like cocanut milk or vanillla
    tasting smoothies if it tastes like that than I can;t make that.

  3. Ashley Lynn

    Awwwwe loved it!! Def trying this recipe even tho I’m not a fan of celery.
    But I love me some green smoothies. That color just made me sooo happy
    lol!! Great vid!!

  4. doublecheese21

    I love this video!!! I’m really trying to get into juicing and eating
    healthier so thanks for the video and yes pleeeeeeease more videos! I’m
    going to get my nutribullet soon this will definitely be the first smoothie
    I will try! 😀 aaaand I love how silly you are and you absolutely gorgeous!
    Omg ^.^ <3333

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