1. Jessica Denison

    I started making this smoothie yesterday and it tastes great! Thanks for
    posting this video.

  2. Christina Henry

    I have started with the green smoothies as well. I also prefer spinach, I
    use a coconut base, coconut milk (unsweetened), I add some unsweetened
    coconut flakes, a tablespoon of coconut oil (it is supposed to help you
    with memory issues), I also add a container (small) activia greek yogurt,
    with tropical fruit and spinach. My blender does not do a good job. I am
    glad you mentioned what you use. I will have to get one. But I do feel
    better since I started drinking them for breakfast. Thanks for your great

  3. Samket Gebre

    What an awesome video! I am *totally* addicted to fruit and veg smoothies
    and I use them as meal replacements often! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Tashanna Thaxton

    I know what you mean about how sometimes you have to go to bed without
    washing your face. Now that I have two kids, I’ve discovered a secret. On
    those days, just grab a couple wet wipes to get all the makeup off. I don’t
    feel the need to put moisturizer on after that, which I find to be quite
    strange. It’s infinitely better than not washing your face. The kind of
    wipes I use are Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free. Even after the kids
    are grown, I will never live without wet wipes again. They are useful for
    so many things.

  5. Justin M

    Also I left the skin on the kiwis and although it’s good for you I would
    recommend taking the skin off I’m this smoothie because the skin makes the
    drink super chunky and hard to drink. In fact you have to chew the drink a
    little if you leave the skin on the kiwis lol.

  6. Najiba Nisha

    what can i use instead of 25-50 mL of MonaVie Acai Blend juice ??? i do not
    find it in Bangladesh. 

  7. RandyRhoadsplayer

    You can leave the skin on the kiwis.The skin is full of antioxidants that
    you miss out on when you get rid of the skin if they are organic.If not
    then peeling them is your best bet to reduce pesticide intake.

  8. Olivia Clancy

    If you have trouble getting past the taste of greens, try blending only
    greens and liquid first then add fruit and whatnot so there are no chunks
    and add mint and/or cinnamon and/or lemon juice to cut the green taste.
    They all taste good and are very healthy

  9. vooriedereen1

    can you tell me how many gram of each product you need? and in my country i
    cant buy mona vie acai blend, so what can you recomend? thank youuu

  10. cutelilshooorty

    Mine came out brownish purple bcus i added blue berries and black berries
    instead of the juice. Omg i gagged so much lol 

  11. sweetxheart13

    What do you normally eat in a day? You said you got rid of diary, so I’m
    wondering if you went all plant-based ?

  12. Francie Cotton

    you are intelligent interesting person. You’re also entertaining. I enjoyed
    your video very much. Thankyou!I

  13. Kelsey Pizzati

    Is it like gagging disgusting? I would really like to get into the habit
    but if I’m gonna gag I doubt I will get into the habit. 

  14. missBRAWR

    Exact measurements of each ingredient have been added to the information
    box below the video 🙂 

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