1. Trisha Love

    Are the lids hard to remove? I have a hard time opening jars, and have all
    kinds of gadgets for twisting off lids. Thanks

  2. Roger161

    Just saw the consumer reports on the 900 series in regards to the blades in
    the nutribullet. They recommended a " Don’t Buy " on the 900 because the
    blades either broke off or cracked during the " ice cube " test. There’s a
    video here about the test. CR did recommend the nutri ninja because the
    blades did not brake under their ice cube test. I’ve had my 900 for 4
    weeks and it’s been great. I don’t use ice cubes in any one of my green
    smoothies because the fruit I use is already frozen ( pineapples,
    strawberries, and blueberries ). By habit, the first thing I look at after
    I blend my green smoothies are the blades. I usually inspect them for wear
    and tear before cleaning them. So far, so good. Still looks new. I will
    still be using my 900 even though CR doesn’t recommend the 900 series.
    What are your thoughts on this ? 

  3. Sigmund Coelho

    I waited to get the Nutri Bullet PRO 900 Watt one and let me tell you it’s
    a miracle worker for your body and mind. It works and you will definitely
    feel better loose weight and prevent future potential health problems by
    drinking the fruit and vegetable, and nut mixture daily. It’s easy to use
    and quick. You’ll also loose the desire for refined sugar. It’s like you
    just mysteriously, and spontaneously find yourself loosing the urge. Make
    sure you add plenty of green vegetables like broccoli, Spinach, and or kale
    in your mixture. Your blood will absorb the Nutri blasted nutrients like a
    sponge. You’ll also eliminate wasteful spending on packaged blended juices
    from companies like Naked Juice that cost almost $6.00 for small amounts of
    juices. It’s always best to try and blend organic produce and nuts if you
    can because they aren’t GMO but even if you can’t afford organic you’ll
    still be better off then if you didn’t. I’m telling you folks that the
    Nutri Bullet is a miracle machine that should have been innovated years ago
    for the general public. It also helps to lower the urge to over eat. I use
    the Nutri Bullet PRO, take Tangy Tangerine multivitamin powder, and Super
    Male Vitality, fish oil, Garlic pills, Milk Thistle, Royal Jelly(only
    during the summer because it can exasperate pollen allergies in fall and
    spring) and 2000 milligrams of vitamin C daily and I feel great. For
    anybody wanting to loose weight the Nutri Bullet will work miracles in you
    weight loss program

  4. Kathryn Thorne

    I have just watched all your videos on Nutibullet, and I really noticed
    that this was quicker and you had the banana in from the start and didn’t
    have to add it part way thru. Seems a lot more powerful. You have sold me
    on it :)

  5. Chrissy W

    Oh man! You made me laugh… "I can’t get this off. I really can’t get this
    off." Anyway, THANKS you convinced me to finally get one! 🙂 Stay well!

  6. veggieeater

    Thank you so much for the review. I am really struggling with my weight and
    have been so for years. I did buy a citrus juicer, which is going great,
    but I want something fast and stronger. And I know if I add lots of
    vegetables and fruit to my diet I’ll shed weight fast.

  7. bgood2momma

    Looks like a winner. I didn’t even know there was a new one. I’ve had some
    minor issues with my 600, but happy with it overall. I do like all of the
    add’l accessories with the 900. I didn’t hear you say… Will the 600
    blades and cups fit the 900?

  8. Eric Hurdle

    Thanks my bro. I am a pro NB fan too. I got many peeps to get one. If l
    could get residuals, l would be pretty well off..lol. I did not know about
    the 900 until today on my Nutribullet group page on Facebook. It looks to
    me like it mixed quicker, not the the speed was any faster. That one thing
    l noticed. Like you said, other then some issues, the original one was just
    as good. So l hope they are cleaning up their act. Although l dont know
    what they can do about rusting,
    Anyway, thanks for the heads up. l cant afford a new one yet as mine is
    still working great, but the added cups and better lids, l need to get.
    Keep on posting, great video. You got a new follower. 

  9. gerry brown

    Salute brother… I just, I mean just now took my 900 back to the store.
    Had it all of a week and was in love, but my motor start to give off a
    strong electrical burning smell and when i went to use it today it intially
    did not want to turn on. I almost always use the right amount of water and
    try not to stuff the cup with ingredients. I see that you reviewed this
    around a month or so ago, since then are you noticing anything that makes
    you second guess the quality of it?

    • Steven Le

      yeah, i have the same problem, mine one busted after 5 months, 900 watts or not, i always stick to the rule and not over looad or too dense etc…but still die, it is time to try another,

  10. Danielle Matteo

    I am SO JEALOUS!! There’s a newer edition of the Nutri and it has a larger
    cup and sports cap???? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

  11. private

    You forgot the new Nutribulet doesn’t come with a milling blade. Maybe you
    can do a video using the new machine with your milling blade from the old

    Also, can you pour the content in a clear cup so we can actually see the
    consistency for ourselves?

    There should be a noticeable difference in the performance because of the
    power. Can you do a side by side comparison and time then pour through a
    strainer to compare?

    Thanks for the video

  12. Sanka

    My nb gave an electrical burning smell… I think it had over filled past the max line with water… Is this normal

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