1. Jennifer Hung

    Do not buy. I got my kitchen aid blender 2 weeks ago, I used it 4 times for
    smoothies and now, its leaking oil (its black when i wipe it – not sure
    what kind of oil) from under the blade component that spins and then leaks
    onto the base. Additionally, on my 4th blend, smoothies were leaking onto
    my base… But I didn’t see any cracks on my jar. I’m guessing that’s its
    coming from the blade component that’s leaking the oil. DO NOT BUY!! 

  2. James Williams

    lol, I have a KitchenAid blender that I bought refurbished about six or
    seven years ago for $70. It has been a great blender for making thick
    smoothies (several times a day most days) since I got it, and over time I
    have gotten a good ideal for what it’s limits are. That being said, it’s
    limits are no where near that Vitamix because the KitchenAid blender just
    doesn’t have the power and KitchenAid knows this. I don’t know why they
    would sponsor an ad comparing the two other than to see how many complaints
    and bad reviews they can get from pissed off customers who bought their
    blender under false pretense. For $100 or less it is the best blender you
    can buy, because it just does what a blender is supposed to do, and used
    properly will last a long time. For anything more than $100 you could do
    better and it compares to a Vitamix about as well as the Honda Civic
    compares to the 3 Series BMW. False Advertisement!

  3. devohnmitchell

    I watch this video and I have to try this for myself this video is true. I
    even put water in the container with the Vitamix and it still wouldn’t
    break the orange and the ice down without the tamper. oh well at least I
    have a5 year warranty about the refurbished one

  4. BobTheAsian

    False. I agree with gjostaliaz and I think they did put on variable but not
    on high on the vitamix. You don’t need a tamper 

  5. Steve PNW

    ((( False advertising!!! ))) The plunger is a huge advantage in
    making thicker smoothies and ice cream. Don’t be fooled. Do your
    research. $100 vs $350 Apx. Makes me sad that I own other Kitchen Stuff, 

  6. kiradecyk

    Don’t forget the KitchenAid has a one year warranty and the Vitamix has a 7
    year warranty. I’m sure it will do a decent job for a year, but if you
    factor in KitchenAid’s planned obsolescence it will still be more expensive
    to keep replacing it in the long run. 

  7. ghostaliaz

    You can tell that they put water in the pitcher of the kitchen aid. You can
    tell just by the consistency of the juice & the color difference, so please
    this is bull & a set up fraud. The Vitamix is dry as heck & the Kitchen aid
    has water in it. Just look at the color & thickness difference people. Your
    being bamboozled.

  8. bill

    So, these people are making a decision based on whether you need to use a stick or not?

    I would like to see the KitchenAid make peanut butter without a stick….

    But isn’t the most important thing how ‘smooth’ the end result is? For some reason, they didn’t ask (or show) what the feedback was for this….but I can guarantee you which machine won…and it doesn’t start with K!

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