1. Yenifer Chaves

    Thanks for the video, I usually stick to the same green smoothie recipe so
    I’m excited to try this one. I like the tip on adding lemon juice I’ve
    never done that.

    BTW you look great! 

  2. ObeyX

    Yessssss I need to find a woman who is as interested in nutrition as you
    are, I currently am talking to a woman who utilizes coconut oil and is
    vegan she is def my dream girl hahaha

  3. Max Harry Johnson

    I only wish Corina stop using the brand Zico, which is now owned by Coca
    Cola. Also their coconut water isn’t the best. Try Harvest Bay. I like to
    buy mine fresh from local sellers, but it cost more. I spent quite a
    significant amount of my income on coconut water, I drink it more than
    water, especially with the amount of contaminant in tap water now.

  4. William Godfrey

    Hi Corrina, great smoothie. I use to make smoothies like that but since I
    discovered the dangers of goitrogens and the harm they can do to the
    thyroid gland I’ve been steaming all of my greens before using them in my
    smoothies. What are your thoughts on goitrogens as a health coach please?

  5. domenico bertone

    Hi corinna
    your videos are very interesting and very clear. I want to ask you just one
    big important things:” When you talk about hairloss?”. A lot of bad
    desease can be GENERALLY win just changing diet ( cancer, tipe 2 diabete,
    high blood pressure, etc) but I have no answer about hairloss. Do I have to
    say goodbye to my few hair??? 🙁 🙁 🙁
    god bless you

  6. David Sweeney

    Cooking is crucial to our diets. It helps us digest food without expending
    huge amounts of energy. It softens food, such as cellulose fiber and raw
    meat, that our small teeth, weak jaws and digestive systems aren’t equipped
    to handle. And while we might hear from raw foodists that cooking kills
    vitamins and minerals in food (while also denaturing enzymes that aid
    digestion), it turns out raw vegetables are not always healthier.

  7. Fitness4London

    hi Corrina, that’s an awesome smoothie!

    I live in London UK, and I use english spring greens (big thick dark green
    leaves like dark green cabbage) and apples. Rather than an electric blender
    I use a manual juicer where you turn a handle to crush the juice out of the

    To make the juice more isotonic, I mix 50/50 with water.

  8. GarySandStorm

    Thanks for the informative video. Though greens are not part of my diet as
    they are rich in Vit K which reduces my warfarin meds effect. So I have to
    figure out a smoothy with no greens(no Vit k) but still make it healthy.

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