1. Adelle Brock

    I bought the bullet 2 days ago! Been blasting and having a blast. Fage
    Greek yogurt has 23g. I throw some protein gnc powder also at times. I also
    find that adding almond milk or regular milk works for me and gives me the
    calcium and vitamin D I need especially being in my mid 30’s. I don’t
    really have much calcium in my diet so i like the option of adding milk.
    But been following your videos and enjoy watching you and your wife! Gonna
    start hitting the gym tomorrow morning 4 days a week to tone. I’m 5’4 and
    120 lbs so don’t need to lose weight but want to bulk up and tone. 

  2. godschild3341

    I make this recipe, with a few variations: added 1 cup vanilla almond milk,
    14cup nonfat plain yogurt, 2T ground flaxseed, 1T sugar,and some crushed
    ice. I know the sugar isn’t wise, so what can I use as substitute??

  3. Paganizernl

    To bad the strawberry’s cost so much at this time of the year 🙁
    But i am going to try this one for sure, I normaly make the same everytime
    hehe, just 1 apple,1 banana and 1 orange (juice of it) but this with th
    yogurt seems intrestin’ ^^ 

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