1. Renita Olasunoye

    Rawana you’re green smoothies are soooo good!! I have a green smoothies
    every morning!! Bring more different smoothies

  2. ChrisISawes0me

    It looks like it’d taste amazing…but my question is… wouldn’t that be
    too much sugar in one ‘meal’ ? I’m very curious because I’m going to
    incorporate more raw food into my eating habits but I don’t want to consume
    too much sugar.

  3. Crystal Evans

    I have to try this I make this smoothie but I use mango instead of
    pineapple it’s my favorite yea can’t wait to try it. Que Rico

  4. Angela Perry

    I would really like to see mire videos with the Prep Pad. Congratulations
    on your lifestyle change! I pray God is always in your heart, mind and

  5. wavesubz

    I will be trying this smoothie (: I am a vegan teen and I just uploaded my
    own sour apple green smoothie video last night I’d love if you checked it
    out <3

  6. Jessica López

    Mañana voy a probar tus smoothies. Tengo una receta de smoothie, espero te
    guste. 200mL de yogurt natural o griego. Una taza de moras azules y una o
    dos cucharadas de cacao. Sabe delicioso!!!! Espero te súper guste. 

  7. kassykatful

    Where do you get your coconut water?? Do you open a coconut and get it
    there, or do you buy the packaged ones?? Thanks! 

  8. noe mede

    Love that smoothie combo! So delicious! And definitely would love more
    videos with that prep pad it’s way cool! 🙂 xoxo

  9. Susan A

    Wow, that gadget is soo cool. Much better than Chronometer. Please do more
    videos using it. Also pleaseeee do a skincare routine video. You have
    beautiful skin :-)

  10. Nathan B

    I am interested in the prep pad and would like it if you used it more in
    your videos.Maybe show a screenshot of the stats for your meal at the end
    of each video?

  11. Rawvana English

    Please Comment below if you would like to see more videos using PREP PAD!
    🙂 Sending love and smiles to you all! :D

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