1. RD George

    Hey Les – I tried your recipe just a few minutes ago [with a few
    modifications] and it was great. I used lemon instead of lime and included
    some dill, Also as a finish, I threw a dolops of soy sauce on it – and man
    did that make a difference- – anyway, looking forward to No. 3

  2. RD George

    ok dude – this is the avocado smoothie video I been looking for. Going to
    give your recipe a go – but I’ll probably add a little ginger and soy sauce

  3. Joanne Andrea

    Les! Watched your first GS video and thought it was awesome. Are you
    Canadian? I liked this video as well, but when I make it, I’ll leave it a
    bit more chunky so that it seems more "soupish". lol. Would love to hear
    how GS have made you feel, and definitely bring on more recipes!! I also
    like the idea that you’re not hardcore raw or vegetarian,etc. Everything in
    moderation with good choices!

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