1. MissJanetKavita

    Hmm… so true- I stopped taking spinach and started implementing lettuce
    juice instead for now- and I have noticed no little bumps…Hmmm ill give
    Kale or parlsey a shot this time and see how I go… Thanks for the
    response really appreciate it 🙂

  2. T Macias

    John, I’m growing some Purple Tomatillos. Can you make a video and tell us
    what to do with them? Juice? Smoothies? Salads? Also, maybe how to tell
    when they’re ripe. My green ’tillo plants aren’t doing well but I’ve never
    had the purple ones much less grown them before so not so sure what to do
    with this plant that’s producing so much. Also, are they ripe when they’re
    purple or do they turn green eventually? Using rock dust too thanks to you!

  3. budhda12

    Hey I’m looking at the Vitamix CIA Professional blender – what are the pros
    and cons vs VITAMIX TurboBlend VS?? thanks

  4. KLC8158

    Man, I was blending the heck out of my banana-spinach smoothies! Also, I’m
    glad you said that about the juicer. I have the blender and the juicer
    right next to each other and find it much easier to just mix something up
    in the blender. I am trying to work to give equal time to the juicer.

  5. Kanimuna Kisaka

    Man, that looks so delicious! I am definitely going to make that, Thanks.
    The best organic bananas that I’ve tasted come from Ecuador, 22 cents a

  6. CJA32able

    Ever stop to think that not everyone wants children and for you to compare
    your busy life to their busy life is pretty egotistical?

  7. vesperal2

    Its not that you haven’t found anything bad in the "prewashed" greens. If
    there is something in the greens it will find you.

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