1. BoutenkoFilms

    Beard or no beard the message is still the same. Here in Oregon it’s cold
    and thus I choose to have facial hair during these months. 

  2. MrFineboy

    листья какой травы лежат в тазу которые на видео на 1минуте 17 сек ?
    название напишите .можно на английском яз.

  3. con3crock

    Hi.. I’m so happy I stumbled on ur channel a few days ago.. I wanna make a
    life change to.. Before I get old.. Also I have to small children and I
    want to learn how to get them involved in eating raw foods too

  4. Gabriela Rossal

    Haha! I forgot it was the trailer and wanted to continue watching! 😀 Super
    cool! Looking forward to watching it all ;)

  5. Nick Nick

    Mr boutenko. Some time ago I found ypur video on smoothies. I have been
    taking smoothies sometimes twice daily. I now eat fish almost daily. When I
    find myself at work and hungry I will have a filet of fish instead of beef
    burger. I have resurrected our old food processor and now have what amounts
    to a salsa wrap I guess for lunches. What have you done to this old meat
    and tatas man

  6. CombatSports4Life

    I drink a green smoothie pre and post workout and it’s done wonders for my
    strength and conditioning than any supplement

  7. Nancy Parlette

    I can’t wait to see it Sergei! I just thought of one thing that you have
    not included. What would really have put this study over the top would
    have been to get the same number of athletic people who were in similar
    levels of training as your group but they would not drink the smoothies.
    They could be a control group to compare to the smoothie drinkers. Let them
    keep track of all the same info you are gathering on your smoothie drinkers
    and then compare the two groups after six weeks. I realize it’s too late
    to do that now, but I think it could be something to try in the future.
    Best wishes!

  8. Betsy Asmus

    I can’t wait to watch your documentary Sergei!!!!! Just shared it on my
    personal Facebook page and Raw Food Betsy with all my fans. BOOM!!!!!

  9. BoutenkoFilms

    Dear Friends,

    My newest documentary Powered By Green Smoothies is a few short weeks from
    being released. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve uploaded the official
    trailer here. Check it out. And tell your friends!



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