1. mct29

    I saw your video on the celery comparison of the 600 & 900 series, saying
    there wasn’t much of a difference. Do you still feel the same way? I’d like
    to buy a nutribullet soon but wasnt sure which one to get. Any advice would
    be appreciated!

  2. lovelaur86

    Just found your channel! thanks for your videos, I’m getting a nutribullet
    next month and this is helping me with my reasoning for it!! I’m gonna get
    the pro!

  3. Anita Frey

    I’ve been doing the chunky monkey……raw cacao, peanut butter, ice,
    banana, splenda, and almond milk. Delish! But this sounds like a
    wonderful alternative 🙂 Thanks for all your healthy ideas!

  4. Jane Doe

    Dude! That looked awesome! Just FYI, there is a peanut butter alternative
    called PB2. It’s a powder and you mix it with water. It makes peanut
    butter…regular or chocolate. It has the same amount of protein but
    doesn’t have nearly the fat or calories. It’s sold here in Detroit at
    either the organic section of Kroger or at Walmart. I love it! I use it
    in my smoothies that I do in my blender. Here’s a link online if you want
    to research it yourself: http://www.bellplantation.com/ PEACE!

  5. pinkhellokitty01

    You should get the almond milk that has the NON GMO label on it 😉 look
    into it, NON GMO and see what that’s about. I just saw your video about raw
    almonds, non GMO is another thing you should know about :)

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