1. browie316

    The whole food dude needs a better microphone. Hard to hear him at times. I
    just ordered one of these after watching your video’s. You make a
    compelling argument for the product. I can’t wait to try these recipes!

  2. Sophia

    Wow! I remember asking for a comparison with the Vitamix a while ago (not
    saying is in reply to my query) but I’m very glad you made this comparison.
    Just have the Optimum juicer and looking to buy a heavy duty blender.
    Thinking to stick with Froothie. Thank you so much! I dont remember, is
    there only one pitcher or a different one for dry ingredients? Can you make
    comparison with green smoothies please?

  3. Tommy Nicholas - Raw Blend

    Hi Zane, nice to meet you the other week! If you’re going to publish a
    ‘fair comparison’ vs Vitamix you should at least turn the unit onto the
    highest speed (speed 10 on the variable dial in not the highest speed) the
    far left switch needs to be in the up position.

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