1. Forever Lxshton

    Made this for my mom, who isn’t vegan and doesn’t drink smoothies… She
    totally judged me when I threw in spinach and ginger but she absolutely
    loved it when I gave her some to try! She even ended up asking for more!
    Thank you for this amazing recipe! Oh and I had an entire litre of the
    green smoothie this morning, it was so good and no regrets at all <3 

  2. Sky Torres

    Thank you so much for this channel! I am not only in love with these
    recipes, but with the love you have for the viewers and the food! <3

  3. Alicia Felix

    I just made this for dinner tonight. So yummy!! I doubled the amount of
    tomato sauce and added a little coconut sugar at the end. It tasted
    wonderful! I loved the texture. I’ve missed that "meat sauce" heartiness.
    This hit the spot! Next time I think I will add a bit of green bell pepper
    and mushrooms to the pot…mmmmmm

  4. Makda Seyoum

    Cant wait to try this! Do you have any tips on what to add to cooked brown
    rice? I feel like im missing some big ingredients to making it spicy and
    full of flavor and not so plain and dry. Thank you!

  5. tenar1966

    I grew up in a family where my dad made what he called "green drink". we
    always had it on the weekends. we still have them to this day. they consist
    of pineapple or pineapple juice, spinach and a few sprigs of fresh parsley,
    blend until smooth. very light and refreshing! dad started making this
    drink when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. he decided not to let the
    doctors cut, burn or poison him to try and kill the cancer. instead he came
    home and found everything he could get his hands on about natural healing.
    he came up with a plan of attack. this was over 40 years ago. he will be 85
    years young on his next birthday and is still running rings around me! no
    one will ever convince me that the vegan way of eating is not healthy
    because of what I saw with the healing of my dad.

  6. High on Fruit

    I am definitely going to try this!! I can never make a tasty green
    smoothies. And I loove ginger so I know I will like this :)

  7. Just Al

    Love this recipe, my blender seems to be on its way out, I swear I’ve been
    through hundereds of blenders, probably time I buy a properly expensive
    one. Great recipe as always :)

  8. plantbased judy

    I’ve never had a successful green smoothie – they all taste of nature – and
    not the good sort of nature. but this I will try! It’s going to make me
    soooo healthy ;)

  9. WithLovePia

    Yay!!! I can’t wait to go shopping to make this smoothie. I never thought
    to add ginger or cucumber. Thank you;D

  10. littleointment

    Thanks for sharing! I tried your watermelon and vanilla drink this morning.
    ..omg TOOO good thank youuu. Can never go back haha

  11. eric jones

    I have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast.1cup old fashioned
    oats,2 frozen bananas,1/8 cup pulm sugar,hand full of spinach,2 cups cold
    water & 1 minute in the Vitamix on high(630 calories) Delicious.

  12. Jennifer Myers

    Yummy recipe! Very close to what I make, only I add hemp & chia seeds,
    along with some raw cacao powder. Green smoothies are the perfect
    breakfast; so satisfying, delicious and energizing! 

  13. The Maltese Vegan

    Wow today i decided to make a smoothie in the morning. Exact same
    ingredients except for pineapple. will give it a try tomorrow

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