1. Henry Young

    Were do you get the leafy greens like kale collard greens leafs???? What
    store anybody i just got it n i live with mom n day so i don’t shop but i
    need to know because am getting to go it a lone this month February

  2. nicnacker

    This is awesome but I cant get almond milk where I live, or coconut milk,
    so I just use water. No (protein boost) or hemp seeds either..so I’ve been
    using chia seeds, but since I started using the fat burn boost, I’ve
    eliminated the chia seeds cause there’s chia’s in it. Wonder if I should
    use both?

  3. Jennifer Friar

    So many recipes call for Almond Milk. I usually prefer Soy Milk. I have
    compared nutritional info before and it seems Soy Milk would be the better
    choice (more protein, less sugar, etc).
    I was just curious what am I missing in the almond vs soy comparison?

  4. Starfish

    Depending on my mood I like to use almond milk, coconut milk, orange juice,
    pineapple juice, Arizona Green Tea, or some combination. 

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