1. HighCarb Schwabe

    Is there a 230V version of the Nutribullet Pro 900? Is it available in the
    EU/in Germany? I have been searching but I only found the 600W version…


    Hi,i hv watched all ur videos n must say u r doing a grt job…..actually i
    hv a few quesrions to ask u n need ur advice.I am planning to buy either
    nutri bullet pro900 or nutri ninja,my question is
    1)which is better n why.
    2)The second question is abt the leakage n rusting issues with nutri bullet
    &hv u faced the same problems n
    3)the last question is whats ur take on nutri ninja??
    pl do reply,ur viewpt is valuable

  3. Symmetry50

    You won’t get a lot of difference with celery. Both machines did a great
    job on a very fibrous veggie. If I did celery I’d definitely be leaving the
    pulp right in it. I know you only separated to show us, but for those who
    don’t know you need that fiber and this would be easy to drink. I also
    didn’t know there was a 900 series. I have the regular Nutribullet which
    works great. 

  4. Raw LawGirl

    this is an excellent basic demo of the two models. I sometimes wonder if
    upgraded models are more about hype and more money for the company than
    real differences in the devices.

  5. Asif Iqbal Ahmed

    This almost-magical weight losing method loses fat faster than any powders,
    pills, or potions. Copy and paste into google Skinnimaker Routine to find
    out more.

  6. TheEsotericDesi

    NutriBullet is so good it should be prescribed by doctors w/ yum yum
    recipes… One of the best product out there… both 600 or 900 series…

  7. Toni Kunker

    Thanks so much for the demonstration – very professionally done; and
    objective analysis. I’m looking for one as a Mother’s Day gift (for
    myself) and I had a lot of questions with regards to the differences in the
    magic bullet, the nutri, and the nutri pro – you’ve helped immensely! :)

  8. GoRaw GoVegan

    can either of them do an avocado pit???? because I’ve seen vita mix done it
    but over 600$ is way to much to pay for a personal blender. 

  9. Rosanna Hunt

    Thanks for this review, just what I needed to decide on whether or not to
    pay the extra to go pro. You do a great job with your videos, keep up the
    good work!

  10. Darlene DeCicco

    just looking at it, I think that the pro did a better job. Its straind
    quicker, it was less gel like substance in the strainer. I’ve been debating
    on which to get. Now I know. Thanks

  11. ShanaJaye

    Thank you thank you for this review! I didn’t even know there was a newer
    model until I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for the original. I couldn’t
    really decide but went with the Nutribullet because my family and friends
    love theirs. Thank you for demo’ing that there is really no difference
    other than the price, the new "extras". I just let it blend for another 10
    sec and it’s SO guud! 

  12. fostervf16

    They are designed to do the same thing. You should get very similar
    results. Where the pro series would make a difference is when you have a
    need for the extra power. Like powering through frozen strawberries. The
    pro will have a easier job doing it. But the original would do it too.
    However it will have to work harder to do it. But when it does the final
    results should be the same. Could take a little longer. And because the
    original has to work harder it could potentially burn out sooner. 

  13. Jennifer Cullen

    Wish you would do a comparison of the two that included ice cubes, that’s
    where the real test comes in. A lot of people use ice cubes to make
    smoothies so it’s a pretty common issue in figuring out if a blender is for
    you or not just by that issue alone. Good job on the vids though. 

  14. Ashley Wilds

    Thanks for doing this test. I just got the original. Might purchase the 900
    down the road and take the original to work for lunch. Which one do you use
    at home?

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