1. J. Michael Salvetti

    Nice unboxing! I found out about the NutriBullet RX yesterday when I saw
    the demo model at my local Macy’s (although they didn’t have any in
    stock…) when I went to buy the NutriBullet 900. I’m DEFINITELY getting
    the RX.

    By the way, I LOVED the cartoon character insert you used to bring up the
    fact that you forgot to mention that it is 1700 watts! I got a good laugh
    out of that… 

  2. A.R. Walker

    Looks really good. I think I might get this. I wonder how it compares
    against the reigning kings (Vitamix and Blendtec)

  3. Birute00

    Hurry make some stuff with the RX machine! Will the collasal cup fit the
    new extractor blade and work on the RX machine?

  4. The new nutribullet is real loud, more so than the Vitamix, but it makes the best soups-the blender containers are very big, I have to use the smallest container & it is about 4 times more than my Vatimix. Love it

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