1. mrrobvs

    There is no difference between this "extractor" and a "blender," especially
    as it applies to throwing oranges inside. Eat a whole orange, throw it in
    a blender then eat it, throw it in an extractor then eat it, the orange
    doesn’t know the difference, neither does your body. The end result is the
    same thing. You’ve eaten the entire contents of an orange. Take an
    orange, slam it into the wall, beat it with a hammer, then eat it, you’ve
    eaten an orange. Doesn’t matter what it’s "done to the cells," it’s the
    same thing. You’ve not added any nutrients by adding a new word to the
    box, nor does this item do a good job at convincing me that it is anything
    other than a conveniently designed blender. If you think otherwise, you’ve
    been drinking the KoolAide in your "extractor." You may make the claim
    that it’s capable of breaking apart small seeds that a blender cannot break
    down. Uh……maybe? But does that apply to everything you’re making?
    And logically, does the design of this really differ that much from a
    blender that you’re buying into that? And have you read the preparation
    chart which tells you that 75 percent of the stuff you throw in here must
    first be skinned and de-seeded? Afteralll, you seeded these oranges. So
    you’re treating it like a blender. Also, when you say you "have a little
    leak" you probably should not have touched your private parts at about the
    five minute mark. 

  2. Emma Mayberry

    Love your video, you have a leak because you filled the cup past the
    guideline. Sorry if people have already mentioned this 🙂 

  3. Scott B

    Thanks for this video. I have a cheaper version of the Nutri bullet and I
    am glad that I found your video. Now I know I can make my own healthier OJ
    and not buy the high sugar store bought kind. I thought that I would have
    to add water but you just did 3 Oranges and it looked like it made about a
    cup of OJ. Perfect! Thanks again.

  4. Becky Collins

    Awesome fruit juice video for those looking to make 100% pure orange juice
    using the Nutribullet…

    #organicfood #orange #juice #orangejuice #Nutribullet #recipe 

  5. dan nainan

    Thank you kindly for this video, I’ve been worried about buying fresh
    squeezed orange juice at the store because all the junk they put in it, so
    this has been very, very helpful!

  6. Darcey DeRosa

    I had the nutribullet for at least 3years. I never had leaks or burned out
    motors. What happened to your nutribullet?

  7. lawrenceebell

    Great video, the only thing I would have done differently is to have taken
    the orange skin off with a zester or a potato peeler. It takes alittle more
    time, but this will allow you to salvage all of the cottony white part
    where a lot of the oranges nutrition is found.

  8. Pomme Laflèche

    So I bought the Nutribullet today and was wondering about Orange juices. I
    Watched your clip and gave it a try, but added a few strawberries and
    blueberries. I’m into the whole "Organic" buzz but the resulting drink was
    awesome. The cool thing with oranges is that you don’t need to add water,
    which in other recipes is a turn off in my opinion. Thanks for the video!

  9. FPC-Virtual

    Yeah we also have multiple juicers one is the Vitamix blender actually not
    quite a juicer or juice extractor like the Nutribullet. I love the fiber
    I’m consuming which is no different from eating fruits whole and or
    veggies, pulp and all. I heard though you need to be careful with what
    kinds of fruit skins you decide to juice, I need to research it all though
    to be accurate, and maybe I’ll do a video on the ins and outs soon about
    the dangers. We shall see FallnAngel07.

  10. FPC-Virtual

    Thank you Cyndi, your so sweet. That’s such a kind message you left me
    here. Yeah I love our Nutribullet, it helps us create the best fruit and
    vegetable juices me, my wife and my family. I highly recommend it!

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