1. Alex Scott

    Hi Rackboyz my names Alex I’m 52 years young from the UK, I’m waiting on my
    Nutribullet to arrive. I need to shed 2stone in weight and I’m looking to
    use the Nutribullet as my main aid to help me do this also cardio workouts
    at the gym….can you recommend breakfast and lunchtime Nutri recipes

  2. Jaxon5a

    Awesome video! What smoothie would you recommend that is high with
    calories? I have a situation where I weighed 150 and now 126. I’m in
    desperate need of gaining weight. If I could reach 145 – 150, that would be
    good. Any suggestions?

  3. Carmen Rodriguez

    I like your video and I brought one haven’t use it much but seeing your
    video encourage me to start using it more thanks!!.

  4. kingschill23

    Are your nutribullet blades actually "sharp"? Because the nutribullet has
    the warning of sharp blades and what not but mine are not sharp at all, did
    I get bad blades or is that normal?

  5. RackboyzFitness

    Sorry I missed this comment but I started using frozen fruits and your
    right, colder thicker and I only use frozen fruits now. Thanks!

  6. Catwoman501

    Good demo with the nutribullet. I think you should try frozen bananas or
    frozen berries. It will make the smoothie colder and thicker. You might
    like it even more. Looking forward to more recipies.

  7. RackboyzFitness

    I have been thinking of trying the frozen fruit, Drinking water is super
    important. Im a water fanatic so I usually drink close to a gallon a day.
    Drinking a full gallon a day has me in the bathroom way too much lol

  8. bloodpressurenotgood

    hey hey rack. what i been doing for my smoothie is freezing the
    strawberries or mangos and using that instead of ice. you still get that
    frozen chill to the drink. thumbs up with the recipe and cant remind people
    enough that its summer time. drink water. drink lots of water. even if you
    drinking smoothies or protein shakes, still drink water.

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