1. Andrew Black

    You gotta add water or some type of milk with it and it will blend
    everything just fine, I’ve crushed almond milk ice and some fruit with it
    and it didn’t break it works great

  2. 95thRiflesOCI

    So if you can’t crush ice with it, that basically takes away almost all the
    cold drinks. Looks like this nutribullet is a garbage investment. 

  3. David Micklow

    Do not buy this garbage!!! It is very cheaply made! The seal around the
    blade can wear down and liquids can get down into the motor as it leaks! I
    was electrocuted!!!

  4. dhowser2008

    Nutribullet does say in their FAQ on their website that the Nutribullet can
    be used for making ice cream. I would like to know how you get the ice into
    the cream if their blender doesn’t crush ice? :)

  5. Asad the great

    The company is being so stupid about this. If a potential risk is present,
    they should simply perform a recall on products solds and then also replace
    blade on new products. Consumer reports can do a lot of damage to the
    company rep if they start arguing with them.

  6. zone07

    I don’t know about testing a product beyond its capabilities and stating
    that it is a safety risk. Although, this product being a "blender" should
    be able to crush ice as some consumers will use it as such out of habit
    even if the product is not intended for that use. Time to amend the UL
    Standard on blenders. 

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