1. Tom Thorpe

    I’ve used my nutribullet 900 probably over 200 times since I got it (in
    like march) and never once had the seal come out… I’m not sure what you
    guys are doing wrong :-/ Anyway, I love it. Terrific product. Never used
    the Nutri Ninja though

  2. kelion awow

    i had the nutribullet for about 8 months now, went from 245lbs to 202lbs
    within 65 days of juicing (have it all recorded). i honestly didnt have not
    one problem. nutribullet honestly made everything super smooth and easy to
    drink no matter what it was, nutribullet changed my life, and i can say the
    same to the nutri ninja. they both will get the job done, both are easy to
    use and easy to clean up. you just have to KNOW how to use it and ALWAYS
    keep it clean and dry. thats all. 

  3. David Davis

    Rackboyz,..did you ever contact Ninja and resolve the gasket seal problem?
    It didn’t cause any leak now I hope not.

  4. Jen C

    Good reviews. I had just bought the Nutribullet 900. Using it today. Got it
    at Walmart for $129 with the exact things that come with it like the actual
    Nutribullet website for $169. Target has the same price as Walmart.

  5. Taylor Olson

    The rubber thing happened to my blade on the Ninja also to a bunch of cups
    I own so it’s not a big deal to me but it only popped out once on the Ninja

  6. Yorria Raine

    Think if my nutribullet ever dies I’ll be picking up the nutrininja.
    Hopefully it last me another year or two though.

  7. GirlsLiftToo

    These companies need to be sponsoring you guys, with all the free
    advertising. I’m actually considering getting a Ninja.

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