1. Dee Fisher

    Wish I’d taken your input to heart before the ninja arrived. It’s going
    right back. It SUCKS and is louder than a 1950’s lawn mower. 

  2. BigLazyMexican

    Without buying I would have never know it sucked that much. Screw ninja and
    there plastic parts with blades jumping at you.

  3. jtlbb2

    Nice review Henry. I hadn’t even heard of the NutriNinja until I happened
    to be walking through my local WalMart and spotted it. It seems that Ninja
    comes out with a new gimmicky blender every year… still, the Vitamix S30
    seems pricey for what it is even if it is better. It’s just about as
    expensive as full sized Vitamix. I can’t see the justification in getting
    it over a regular Vitamix.


    Hello Henry I love your videos! I’ve been following you for a while now and
    your just great  I am buying the Vitamix 500 series what do you think? Is
    it a good one? I’m getting it from Costco.The guy advertising the machine
    is offering it for 469.00 plus tax. Please get back to me asap because he
    is no longer going to be there after Dec 20. Thank you so much.

  5. behold888

    I just saw this at my local Costco (only one of three stores to have it)
    and I was skeptical. It definitely has its purpose but I’m not sure it’s
    for me. Although, your demonstration (all Ninja things aside) was better
    than the demonstrator today at Costco. Thanks for another good video!

  6. alkabaylon69

    Thanks Henry, I brought me a ninja blender a few years ago. Thinking it was
    a better deal. Obviously I was wrong. Wish I could have known about your
    video back then. I tried to make almond butter with the ninja. 2 minutes
    here and there for for a few hours. Still didn’t turn out right.

  7. Turandot29

    And VitaMix wins again! I do wish, however, that VM would put the
    measurements on the side of the blending pitcher in black.

  8. Henry PJ

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