1. justaguy777

    Ninja will always lose to a high dollar vitamix. But for ninja to cheat is
    just sad. You can clearly see the dial on the vitamix. I really eanted a
    ninja but i might just spend the money on a real machine

  2. Shyann Cody

    Depends on whose review you watch. Just watched another video where
    Vitamix outperformed Ninja. I notice this woman works for Nija (or for
    whatever reason is wearing their apron). It seems both blenders are

  3. Brian Wallbrink

    you kept it on varible speed one if tou put it on varible speed 10 it would
    need no tamper and to see witch one was better why did tou nija people put
    it throught a strainer

  4. Hackiesacker007

    Even with the Vitamix on Speed 1, it produced a better smoothie than the
    Ninja. The lighter color indicates the better blend. 

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