1. Dama Nimun

    It’s impossible to lose weight without risk without having workout
    correctly and control the eating habits. Drugs & pills includes harmful

  2. Stephanie Dichov

    I absolutely love putting oranges, mangoes, strawberries and bananas in,
    and even apples sometimes… but lately I’ve been trying out smoothies with
    spinach and omg it’s so amazing!!!

  3. Viki Haghani

    I typically don’t put ice because it kind of waters down the flavor,
    instead, I cut up the fresh fruit and freeze it prior to making the
    smoothie. I’ll use the frozen fruits as the "ice" to make it nice, cold,
    and creamy. I use fresh squeezed orange juice (from a tree), strawberries,
    bananas, grapes, and a lot of other berries. It’s so good and proved to be

  4. Fred Fecied

    To lose weight effectively, all you must do is to make your fat burning
    hormone doing work in overdrive for you instead of against you

  5. nidhan shrestha

    To regular people who want to burn pounds eventually, Copy And Paste Into
    Google Skinnimaker System so you can get started

  6. kimaya29

    My favorite breakfasts are protein shake (Beverly cookies n’ crème protein,
    light almond milk, water, spoonful of regular or decaf instant coffee and a
    capful of sugarfree vanilla syrup), or oatmeal and blueberries, or turkey
    sausage, egg whites, & cheese on sandwich thins, or avocado & boiled eggs
    on sandwich thins (recipe from Joanna Soh on YT), but I need to try more
    smoothies! I want to get a Vitamix blender, that’s going to be one of my
    diet rewards!

  7. Simran Thapa

    To ordinary folks who want to lose fat–but can’t get started. Just Go And
    Google Fat Blast Furnace right away.

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