1. dcar4225

    After doing some research on what blender to buy in the last week or so, I
    had pretty much made up my mind getting a Magimix when I stumbled across
    this video. I have to say, your review has justified my decision . Thanks
    and keep up the good work!

  2. marsery

    thank you for that review . I am thinking about buying it and i agree
    Vitamix is overpriced …to use every now and then …i am wondering
    whether we can make nut milk with it like with a vitamix…that is a cup of
    soaked almonds with some water ..Vitamix seems great for that. If you can
    try and let us/ me know 🙂 

  3. Bamboo Shoot

    Ever put an avocado seed in there? I have heard that they are the purest
    form of fibre on earth. That was espoused by a Vitamix salesman though. I
    enjoyed my first smoothie with the Magimix tonight. It’s gone up in price
    on Amazon.

    Any tips for getting cheaper coconut water? I bought some at £3.50 today
    which is steep for me. As you say in another video though – it is

  4. Bamboo Shoot

    Cool. This is the most powerful one i could find in stores aside from the
    Ninja range which is a bit too bulky for my kitchen.

    Have you put nuts into it yet? I quite like them in smoothies.

    Also does kale taste good in smoothies? 

  5. watchtheskies

    I’ve used mine at least twice a day for the last 8 months and it still
    looks like a new blender, very tough, should last for years

  6. Ladislav Jurdik ml.

    +AlkalineAnthea I have allready ordered 11610 from UK 🙂 its comming!!! 🙂
    im curious…. I will doo alot of hummus, pesto, icecreams, smoothies, etc

  7. AlkalineAnthea

    +Ladislav Jurdik ml. The one that I got came with the blender, a spatula, a
    smoothie book and instructions. But you can also buy one that comes with a
    mill, a smaller blender attachment that can grind nuts and seeds 🙂 Or you
    may be able to buy the mill separately. The part number for the mill
    attachment is 17654.

  8. Ladislav Jurdik ml.

    Thanks for review 🙂 What comes in the package? …. 🙂 thanks

    In some video i saw some small thing used for pesto or such things :D

  9. leahfresh

    Great review!
    I’ve been considering getting one of these as the others are just so
    I was wondering how it is when blending nuts and seeds? I like to make nut
    butters and "cheese" and would like to know how this one does if you have
    had any experience? Thanks!

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