1. Brian Root

    yall are really great. I was looking for an alternative to store bought
    veggie burgers and watched your video. now been watching a lot of them.
    also both of you look so healthy and glowing. thanks

  2. Natasha F

    Hi, just a quick question. Why did you guys recommend to pick only one
    booster of the chia, flax and hemp? Usually I put two or all three within
    my smoothies and I was just wondering why you recommend only one. Thanks!

  3. Natasha Williams

    So I just realized Ive been making my smoothies all wrong. Too much fruit
    not enough veg and no boosters! Plus I always add honey. Im going to try
    this out. But I may use frozen spinach because I always have that in the
    fridge. What do you guys think about Spirulina?

  4. Marly Pierre-Louis

    Thanks ladies, gonna make this in the am for me and the boo! Love the new
    intro and the outtakes are everything! LOL @ ch, ch, chia! xo

  5. Tee Jay

    Great recipe guys! My Green Drink/Smoothie is probably fruit heavy because
    I typically do 1/2 an apple, a few pieces of pineapple and a few mango
    chunks or a 1/2 a kiwi and maybe some celery or carrots with coconut water
    and Kale or spinach and flax or chia. I’ll use yogurt or nut butter and/or
    plant based milk when I make it on the weekend. Its more a "drink" for me
    during the week and a "smoothie" on the weekend.

  6. Kim Arango

    I like that you use both fresh and frozen produce. It’s a great balance.
    For those of us who are always on the fly though, who don’t have much time
    for fresh produce, is it bad if you use powdered green food (all-natural)?

  7. Jessica Oyawale

    haha Lettuce know, I was 3 minutes in when I said to myself "Is that a
    piece of lettuce in her hair?!" great video guys!

  8. MissRizosTV

    Loved chicas! Keep them coming!! I love putting frozen mangoes in mines
    because it gives it a very smooth texture! I also love this one recipe with
    sweet potatoes (batatas) and coconut milk and pieces! It tastes kinda like
    a dulce de coco from DR!

  9. ForeverSantana1 .

    Thank you so much for sharing! I cant wait to try. I like adding
    blueberries and spirulina to my green smoothies 🙂 

  10. The Christian Meditator

    Love the video. I have used all of those ingredients in my green smoothies.
    I agree, limit the sugar. One of my standard ingredients is also a
    cucumber. I also throw in a handful of raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I’m
    going to use the almond butter too more often. 

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