1. Keiran Kainth

    Hey, looking to start doing something like this to eat healthy vegetables.
    Only thing is, I don’t like the taste of raw vegetables. Would this work if
    cooking/boiling them first? Or is the blender actually cooking the veggies
    whilst blending. Does the soup taste cooked is what I mean? Cheers!

  2. Tommy Nicholas - Raw Blend

    Hi +Ayleyaell Kinder
    We pulsed the machine on High speed and also let it run on High speed for
    4-6 minutes. Thanks for watching and happy blending!

  3. Ayleyaell Kinder

    Question: Tommy, after you pulsed the veggies, you had the Vitamix run for
    4 or 5 minutes. What speed were they running on?
    Love your videos, a goodly number have made their way to my Vitamix
    Pintetest board!

  4. Groovyg

    Hey Tommy. Love the videos. Do you have any smoothie recipes that include
    peaches? I have a lot that are very ripe and don’t want them to go to
    waste, but want to still do something interesting with them. Any ideas? 

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