1. Street Rebirth

    Great video! I’ve been wanting the Vitamix since forever! I’m finally going
    to get one beginning of the new year. I had one question for you if you
    didn’t mind answering.. I noticed that you put the whole apple in with the
    seeds. Are the seeds not bad for you?

  2. Kellie Doncell

    thanks,, i love watching ur videos ,, I’m hopping to get a vitamix for
    christmas,, i can’t wait to try alllll your recipes..

  3. Seosamh Ó Faoláin

    I have my own eating apples at my home in the country. I took some of your
    advice but I didn’t strain off the juice. I put the pulp in plastic
    containers in the freezer. I’ve never done this before so I’m hoping they
    will still be ok when I take them out again. And why waste all that lovely
    roughage? 🙂 Do you think they’ll survive the freeze? I always stew
    cooking apples a little later in the year and freeze them. They survive,
    but I wasn’t sure about the eaters.

  4. abrickman

    Why do you need to use the clothe to strain the juice? Are you not losing
    some of the nutrients from the seeds and skin?

  5. Green Smoothie Habit

    You’re welcome! I hope you get as much fun and wellbeing from your VitaMix
    as I get from mine. 🙂 Jane

  6. BeautyHealthZoneBlog

    Looks good. I have apples but no cucumber. LOL at the pillowcase….I’d
    rather get the juice bag. I’m going to use a sieve today though.

  7. Green Smoothie Habit

    @HawkeyeNJ I used 2 apples but I washed more. You can use as many as you
    can fit in your blender and you’ll get more juice. The 10 pounds of organic
    Red Delicious apples cost $8.99 from Costco a year ago when I made this
    video, but may be a different price now. The juice / nut milk bag in this
    video is 5 years old and was a gift, so I don’t know what it cost. It has
    since worn out and I recently ordered 4 bags from rawfood world store .com
    for $22.00. 🙂 Jane

  8. Green Smoothie Habit

    @Stacey9490 Right you are -and they are stretchy to go over a wide mouth
    bowl or jar – thanks for the tip. 🙂 Jane

  9. Green Smoothie Habit

    @TheGoddess76 I ordered a set of 3 and another came free from rawfoodworld
    store – 4 will last a looong time. I had 3 last me 5 years!

  10. Green Smoothie Habit

    Congratulations! I hope you get as much fun and wellbeing from your VitaMix
    as I get from mine. I am delighted you are joining me on the blending and
    mending journey and I look forward to making and enjoying your recipes 🙂
    Lettuce blend and mend together, Jane

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