1. BrokenCrayonz

    This looks like a winner, some tips from how I make smoothies. I usually
    freeze my bananas so they act as my ice and I use Almond Milk instead of
    water. But for this recipe I may use Coconut milk. Not sure I’m going to
    use yogurt and a bit of honey for this recipe (like all my other
    smoothies), since the avocado is so creamy anyways.

  2. Eric Northmen

    good alternate to kale is some basil . . . really taste great and an
    AMAZING option – easy to grow also even with limited space . . ALSO poppy
    seeds and or flax seeds ARE PERFECT . . . add a teaspoon or so depending on
    how much you like – so amazing

  3. limewolf3

    im so excited to try this tomorrow morning, this smoothie has all the
    ingredients i wanted to use in such an interesting way

  4. Indrina

    This was so tasty! I added some lemon juice, which helps keep the avocado
    from browning if you decide to stick some in the fridge for later. It also
    helps balance out the bitter flavour of the kale. I think kiwi would go
    really well with this, which I’ll try next time. I also like adding chia
    seeds, but I add them after everything is already blended, because I like
    their external goopy texture, and it gets ruined if they’re blended with

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