1. Nikki Deramayo

    Thanks for this video! Can you do a video for tofu recipe please? I really
    love tofu. btw, how many calories it has? :D

  2. equusreined

    Good video, thank you! I’m new to the whole smoothie thing.
    Have you had any smoothies done with broccoli?


    this smoothie is so good…please add some more smoothie videos.. is there
    any substitution for goji berries as i m not getting goji berries here..

  4. twistedpaula

    I was waiting for that video 🙂
    Thank you!
    Just finished mine – corn salad + banana + blueberries + water = yummy!

  5. Deborah Hopper

    Hi Joanna, you’re a regular diet guru, my diet has remained the same but
    now I seem to be stuck, no weight gain , no weight loss, s.o.s help. Do you
    think the green smoothie will boost my weight loss. Thank s for the great

  6. Chunkybutterfly

    Thank you for the great video. Can you do a video on how to choose the
    right kind of blender (without having to spend a lot of $$). Thank you.

  7. Lu Nasser

    Finally someone who pronounces "açaí" the right way! Love this tips! I
    started incorporating spinach into my smoothies and I really feel a
    difference in my immune system. 🙂 Thanks for the tips, Joanna!

  8. Steven Simonitch

    We drink green smoothies every morning at home—and Chia seed are our go-to
    superfood 🙂 We’ll give your recipe a try though!

  9. Siobhan O'Connell

    I noticed for the liquid you didn’t say yogurt, I tend to use Kefir
    alongside almond milk. Is this ill advised for any reason?

  10. Maria F. Lopez

    How do you add coconut oil to a smoothie.? Melting it.? I’m confused lol
    probably not even difficult but I’m overthinking it lol 

  11. Mette Guldbæk Pedersen

    Now I know what to make for snack later in this heat :p
    I will probably use protein powder as Im going to workout tonight so in
    order to make sure I get enough protein that will be my snack :p 

  12. Memoria James

    Comforting to know that for many years I have been making these smoothies
    just like you suggested. I use spinach, frozen banana, mixed berries or
    pineapples, 100% fruit juice, and flax or Chia seeds.

    Btw, you always look nice, but you especially cute in this video! I love
    the earrings, shirt, and your tiny waist! So jealous! Even if I finally get
    nearly as skinny as you, I’ll never look that great because I’ll have
    hanging skin and no money to remove it.

  13. Joanna Marey Fuerzas

    Thank you for sharing this Joanna! I will try this one.

    Joanna, I need your help and advise. I’ve lost 4kilos for 3 weeks by having
    regular exercise and eating clean. My problem is that, its been the 5th
    week but my weight still the same, it didnt go down anymore. It became
    stagnant. I didnt change anything in my routine. What should I do?

    Looking forward to your response. Thank you!

  14. Joanna Soh

    Want to know the basics of making a delicious and healthy Green Smoothie?
    Watch this video! =)

    Green smoothie is great to detox your body, add more fruits & vegetables
    into your diet and can help with weight loss and weight maintenance too.

    Please Like and share this video! Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t
    yet done it. Lots of Love xx

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