1. jastew1971

    Hey John great video. This video applies to me and the questions I have. I
    am new to juicing and blending, but I’ve been watching your videos and
    others for a while. I don’t have a juicer, but I would eventually like to
    get a masticating single-auger juicer in the future when I can afford it.
    Blending would be better for me for now because I’m a busy dad and husband
    and I work two jobs. I am in the process of planning to get in better
    shape and start eating healthier. I’m partial to leafy greens like
    spinach, kale and dandelion, and what you made in this video is perfect.
    Would it be ok to add carrots and/or apples to this recipe also? Thanks
    John for all your work. Happy Thanksgiving. -Jim

  2. lexluthor3834

    Damn…just bought a vitamix750 pro but that looks like it would of done a
    similar job for a fraction of the cost…really love that 30 sec timed
    pulse feature …

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