1. RuudJH

    No carrot in the smoothie? Root veggies are better than all the fruit,
    which is basically a bunch of sugar for the addicts, with a peel around it
    for good measure.
    Or is it merely about the colour green? In that case, forget what I said.

  2. TheSingaporeWorld

    I wished our local supermarkets are like yours. We have so little variety
    of greens here! 🙁 more than half of the section of our local supermarket
    are selling processed goods!

  3. ummrania

    he just went right over the radish greens, I have used them before in a
    smoothie–was that bad or did he just find it too obvious to mention?

  4. AnimalHolocaust

    what a totally awesome video ! between the book and now watching this i am
    SO stoked & excited for my new diet ! hell yeah ! 🙂 added it to MY vid on
    your book too ! 🙂

  5. AnimalHolocaust

    Victoria : I have read your AWESOME book and have made a video to which i
    hope you will approve to be attached to yours ! HAIL GREENS ! 🙂

  6. jacksdigitalshack

    you know what’s hydrating… water, heck even tap water. but lettuce isn’t
    hydrating, it’s not de-hydrating, but it’s not hydrating.

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