1. Hunter Herrington

    made it 2h ago. took me 90min to guzzle it down. BUT it was very delicious.
    Keep on posting dat good stuff DTM!!! Thx man

  2. mecsonka221

    Good to see you back in front of the camera making a recipe, even if it is
    a simple one. Safe travels for you and Sophia.

  3. angelbe88

    Thanks Dan! Hey I met Tavis’s sister and mom at a health fair a while ago
    and then his brother at a separate time. I happen to give him a ride
    several times cause he walks all over where I live. Found out they are all
    related due to seeing a pic of them all on Facebook. Just thought I would
    share cause it was interesting to me for our paths to cross.

  4. Bigboimalikf

    Hey man how you doing I’m malik from boston and I am a 350 pound 18 years
    old and I am extremely over weight. Ive been seen by so many doctors
    telling me the same things over and over again and im tired of it. I wanted
    your advice on what you think I can do to lose lots of weight so that I can
    feel healthy and be proud of the way I look. P.s I’m a huge fan.

  5. Cee Miller

    You don’t seem the same in this video Dan. Energy seems off. Your usually a
    little more calm and relaxed. Hope all is well besides that love the video.

  6. Luna Mama

    I love having as much raw as I can but the availability to organic fruit it
    very limited where I live. Where so you recommend people find fruit if they
    can’t get it locally? 

  7. Parmesana

    do you think it is at all possible for someone in their 50’s to turn it
    around from a Midwest US diet..? or, is it too late?

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