1. Allie Timm

    Yummy!! The coconut oil container is so cute!! Your smoothies look much
    prettier than mine haha. I add mainly veggies and a little fruit to make it
    sweet! I love adding kale in mine! I’ve never put oats in before, I’ll have
    to try that!! Thanks for posting!

  2. Sherley Baez

    Wendy can you do a video of how you stay in shape, what do you eat in a
    daily basis giving some examples and if you workout what do you do? That
    will be great. xoxo ;)

  3. NatashaDawn82

    I’m going to try adding coconut oil and oats to my smoothies now! Chia
    seeds are a nice add in as well!

  4. Carly Ann

    what is the point of adding the coconut oil to the smoothie? is it for
    taste or does it add nutritional value? (not trying to be rude at all, just
    curious!) I’ve never tried coconut oil so I don’t know much about it! 

  5. Jemca

    This makes me want to break my vitamix back out. I love using coconut oil
    in my smoothies. If you haven’t tried it, you should freeze your bananas
    before they get too old, it helps make it even more creamy and cold. I
    flash freeze them on parchment paper first (break them up) then put in a
    freezer bag. Perfect for smoothies! 

  6. Lourdes Santiago

    This will be my breakfast tomorrow!!! Thanks for the video! I make a
    smoothie like this, but instead of strawberries I add one orange and a
    handfull of blueberries. The rest of the recipe is the same. Got it from
    another youtuber! 

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