1. D Bolt

    after all this time Linda you have great video but for life pls let me
    understand why you don’t answer now I do or perhaps you have many asking
    you stuff even have sent people to your site>>>yrs.’ very educational for
    many just because I’m Canadian I care about many people I don’t have proper
    camera stuff to do many videos that I would like

  2. johnnicole Crossman

    Can you dehydrate Kale and spinach to preserve it? And what about freezing
    it in the jars or at least storing the extra in the fridge; how long can we
    store it?

  3. kenneth rogers

    What about dehydrating pulp for use as a powered flavoring ? Either mixed
    or single source pulp should be useful. Looking for a vid. 

  4. dianne mascarinas

    I’m going to try this smoothy. It seems quick and healthy for my weight
    program and control of diabetic A1C. Thanks for your support.

  5. Laura Massey

    Wow, I’ve never tried kale either, but keep hearing great things about it!
    My blender broke recently, so this is the perfect reason to invest in
    another one. What brand of blender is yours? I can’t wait to try this
    recipe! thank you!

  6. Linda Jenkins

    Made this smoothie today and it was great. You’ve out done yourself on this
    recipe Linda. For a person who has never tried kale, I’ve now had it twice
    this week. Love the kale chips too. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. nancy1340

    Raw fruits and vegetables run through a juice extractor or put through a
    blender start losing their nutritional value within 15-20 minutes. Storing
    them in a fridge over night is not a good idea and after, at the best 72
    hours, you might as well be drinking water with saw dust in it. You might
    want to watch "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross on YouTube. I have a
    Greenstar juicer and did really well following Joe’s plan. I have
    diverticulosis and had no issues on the plan. 😉

  8. Terry Lyle

    Great concept Linda. How about a savory version of green. I’m not a big fan
    of fruit or sweets, but lately I’ve been wondering how I might create
    savory type of smoothie with lots of green vegetables.

  9. FitAnge S

    What a great smoothie Linda. Packed full of great vitamins and
    antioxidants. Some people are green and automatically are turned off. Don’t
    knock it till you try it I say. I love cinnamon on so may things. Thanks
    Hun xox

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