1. The McC

    Just a thought Corrina, the head mic gives great audio (no doubt it does
    really good audio compared to many videos done with most camera’s built in
    mics). But, how about investing in a boom mic? Sure, you might need another
    person to help with it but it will make things look even more professional.

  2. davehugstrees

    I tried this today without the chia seeds. Never heard of them. But it was
    still delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  3. alawrence2007

    I just love this channel! So much variety on fitness and wellness advice. I
    wrote down your instructions to make this smoothie myself at home. Keep it
    up, I’m watching! :)

  4. Steph Oradaps

    Way to many ingredients.. Keeping it simple is better for digestion. Also,
    have you read any info on food combining?

  5. bandonbeachbum

    These are the kind of video’s I like. Good job. I use my Nina too but I
    usually just use the single serving cup.

  6. Brian Hunt

    Not that I’m complaining, but why does she have to be in a skimpy outfit
    for a smoothie video? Oh, more views. Got it. 

  7. waydeepinside

    Congratulations on the achievement of the "Bruce Lee" stomach !
    It shows that You practice what You say.

    thank You very much for the health information and true entertainment !

  8. Annie's Simple Life

    YUMMY! I just got a vitamix, so I’m super excited to give this a try!!!
    THANKS for sharing Corrina!! xoxo

  9. Arthur TheSemiDutch

    What would you suggest as a replacement for kale? We cant get it here in
    the summer months. I tried spinach but that did not taste good.

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