1. Yelitza Davila

    Going to try this out because I hate eating in the mornings, but I got
    stoamch problems so I have to eat small meals every 2hours. So maybe this
    will help. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. TheBeautyConclusion

    I dont eat the pointy bit at the top of the banana either! Haha!! I cut
    about an inch off each end! Not sure why lol!!! X

  3. The Beauty Commandments

    Loved the Video Fyona 🙂 Defo going to purchase this for smoothies & to
    blend my protein shakes 🙂 thank you .. ps u look fab!! hope alls good
    with you xxx

  4. PlaceOfNat

    Hey i just subbed and you have soooo pretty hair and you have really long
    lashes , do you have any video about your eyelashes?


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