1. Andreys Fishing Cooking

    Looks delicious I got a few green smoothie recipes check out my videos I
    even made green smoothie salsa it’s delicious lol

  2. alan spurlock

    what is the give on that machine? that would b a great way to work flak
    seeds, and kale and others things into my diet that i wouldn’t get
    otherwise. we consume kefir daily in our house. i think a machine like that
    would be awsome for super smoothies.

  3. TheFireArmGuy

    Love the mustache at the end. Juicing is the most healthy thing one can do
    especially first thing in the morning

  4. funkyprepper

    nice drink – very good items, try adding some goji berries too 🙂
    packed with vit c
    nice tash too lol

  5. Kevin Burgess

    Cool. I finally got a Juicer, but have no clue what to mix up.
    Say, would you mind writing up the ingredient list here in text form. It’s
    easier for me to create a shopping list from recipes. Thanks to Mike too.
    PS: I’ll watch as many of these Juicer vids as you’re willing to make.

  6. Nebulax123

    I don’t weigh (I think it can be too discouraging while you are losing) but
    I had my physical yesterday and I have lost 125 lbs so far. Veggies and
    juice are a big part of it. Thank you Cindy.

  7. Keepskatin

    The first time I blended beets I thought I had health issues when red came
    out of parts of me.Now I think its cool.Also you are hot…milf 100% I’ve
    got to grow an orange tree too

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